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Glaash Charcoal Organic Soap Bar 100gm

- What It Is:

To give you a taste of the modern skincare solutions, Glaash brings you its Charcoal Face Soap.

From helping you fight oily skin to remove dead skin cells, charcoal soap is the most effective solution for your skincare. It makes your skin tighter and reduces wrinkles so that it looks younger than ever. At the same time, it reduces the size of your skin pores while clearing out any clogged pores and purifies your skin. It even suits all skin types to guarantee the most effective solution for one and all.




Make your skin firm and clears wrinkles to make it younger.
clears your pores to prevent the buildup of acne of your skin.
Clear skin scars and blemishes and promotes the generation of new cells.


Actual colors of our bar of soap may vary. The amount of discoloration depends on a variety of factors such as light, air, temperature, and age.