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Glaash Menthol Organic Soap Bar 100gm

  • RELAXING SCENT - The grounding scent of Blueberry helps to calm the mind and provides a gentle exfoliation, making this soap a perfectly luxurious treat for your daily skincare routine.
  • MOISTURIZING OILS: Ultra nourishing recipe! Our natural Blueberries in the bath soap bars create a creamy, cleansing lather that softens and hydrates your body and face as you wash. The natural ingredients can help moisturize dry skin and soothe sensitive skin. 
  • Menthol Organic Soap Bars are chemical-free with no artificial colorants. (IDEAL FOR: Dry skin, Moisturizing skin, Mature skin)
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: Evoking a spa-like experience in your bath or shower, Menthol Organic Soap Bars makes an excellent gift for any special occasion. Our Collection gift set includes uniquely scented and individually wrapped 4.47oz natural bar soap for women and men. Ready to gift for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even ""just because,"" you can be sure that our fragrant and luxurious face and body soaps will delight anyone.
  • Menthol Handmade Soap is a one-stop solution for light, smooth, supple skin that smells great, feels great, and looks great. With ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin our Menthol Soap is able to impart a lightening, brightening, and nourishing effect on the skin, leaving it soft and radiant. It eradicates impurities from the skin, supplying and sealing in moisture which repairs skin and results in increased melanin production,  allowing for an even, radiant skin tone. The soap can unravel the prime potential of your complexion, making it a skin-lightening soap like none other, and therefore a must-have in every skincare routine!
  • Weight of this soap is 100grams
  • DISCLAIMER - Actual colors of our bar of soap may vary. The amount of discoloration depends on a variety of factors such as light, air, temperature, and age.