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Glaash Ubtan Organic Soap Bar 100gm

- What It Is:

Tanned or sunburned? No need to fret because our Handmade  Glaash Ubtan Soap is here for the rescue! Acquaint yourself with the exceptional asset for helping clear out the impact of sunburn and tan during the scorching summer. Working wonders with its gentle exfoliation, our Ubtan Soap acts as a deep cleanser, extracting dead skin cells and removing bacteria and impurities accumulated on the face, leaving it clean and healthy. With these encouraging benefits, our Ubtan Soap, with it’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, is an easy path to clean and clear skin, allowing you to acquire exceptionally radiant skin! 




 Skin brightener
 Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
 Fights off acne and blemishes


Actual colors of our bar of soap may vary. The amount of discoloration depends on a variety of factors such as light, air, temperature, and age.